Holistic Website Design FAQ

Do I have full access to make changes to my website?

Yes, you have full administrative WordPress access to your website.  This means you can add/remove/modify any feature, text, graphics, colors, pages, posts, etc on your website.

Do you backup my website?

Yes, we perform full network backups of all our clients websites. This is done automatically every week.

Do I need to update WordPress or Plugins?

No, our website support team automatically updates our web servers, WordPress and plugin code on a monthly basis.  This helps insure your website stays compatible with the newest web browser technology.

What is included in my free website setup?

We configure/setup all the important technical and visual website components required to quickly get your online fast.  Our 48 point fast track setup checklist can be viewed here.

Can I sell products and services directly from my website?

Yes, your new website comes with pre-integrated shopping cart software that works with multiple payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe and other popular platforms.

Is it really only $67 per month?

Yes, only $67 per month for a stunning  website that is fast, secure, full responsive (mobile friendly), scalable, and designed to generate new patients/clients for your practice/business.  If you require additional customizations beyond our free 48 point website setup, then we will quote you a price for your requested changes.  As mentioned above, you also have administrative rights to instantly make any changes you would like, at any time.  Simply contact us with any special request you have and we’ll quickly provide a custom quote.

Do you offer website marketing services?

Yes, and we’re experts in lead generation for holistic health professionals. We offer Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and YouTube advertising & marketing services. We’re also creators of The Verified Health Index, the recommended starting point for marketing health & wellness practitioners and providers. Contact us with us for a free consultation to discuss your specific practice needs.