About Us

Holistic VIP was created to provide a competitive edge to natural/alternative healthcare providers. Modern medicine has been fortunate to have billions dumped into R&D and marketing every year. Our Founder Gene Altman is passionate about holistic healthcare and has dedicated Holistic.VIP to help natural health & wellness practitioners achieve the patient/client volume they deserve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help reputable holistic and alternative health & wellness practitioners connect with more people in their communities and ultimately generate more clients.  You’re in the business of helping your patients or clients and we’re in the business of helping send new patients or clients your direction.

Top Holistic Website Design Company

Holistic VIP creators of the “VHI” or Verified Health Index” specialize in digital marketing for alternative, natural, holistic healthcare providers. Contact us today and learn how to use our next generation holistic marketing “VHI” to grow your practice and build a strong online presence with your local community.

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